Canada Permanent Residency


a pathway to immigrating to Canada

If you have experience in cultural activates or athletics at a word class level, or if you have been a self-employed person in cultural activities or athletics then you have a good chance to immigrate to Canada as a Self-employed person.

For this program, you must have at least 2 years of experience in one of the related jobs. Here are some examples of professional occupations that come under this program:

  • athletes and coaches
  • sports officials and referees, etc
  • authors and writers
  • editors and journalists
  • translators, terminologists and interpreters
  • librarians and archivists
  • conservators and curators
  • producers, directors, choreographers¬†
  • musicians and singers
  • actors and comedians
  • painters, sculptors and visual artists
  • photographers
  • film and video camera operators
  • graphic art technicians, designers and illustrators
  • interior designers and decorators
  • artisans and craftspeople

There are certain criteria to determine if you can apply under this program. The officers will asses your case based on factors like your age, education, proficiency in the official language, work experience and adaptability.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada through this program, “Path to Aurora” is your best pathway to success.